Petersfield Bowling and Snooker Club Snooker History

We would love to place any of your old club snooker pics here so if you have any of past or present members / teams then please send them (and / or old stories) to Marc Lockley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we would like to build a small history of the club and the people in it over the years so the memories are preserved.

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1980 B Team - John Graham - Lawrence Baker - Peter Eales Snr - Fred Hortiner - Eddie Royce - Greg Murphy














Marc Lockley

Here we have three photographs and a news clipping from the 1986 season of the Petersfield 'A' Team.

(1st photograph - Left to right)

Peter Groocock, Marc Lockley, Bob Henderson, John Bevis and Ken Fell (Captain).

Ah, Mr Lockley without any grey hair, that changes by the time you see the photo in the 2000's! 

Marc LockleyMarc Lockley

Marc Lockley


Mark Thornhill Sponsored Snooker Event - 25th July 1987


Eileen and Ken Fell organised a marathon snooker marathon where snooker players could come and challenge team players to raise money for the Mark Thornhill fund (pictured below).

If you know any of the faces please let me know ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

Peter Eales ('B' Team Captain) 3rd from the left.
Bill Baker (White Rose Car Group) 4th from left (they were the main sponsors on the day).
Andy Baker ('C' Team) 7th from the left.
Mark Thornhill (8th from the left).
Mark Lockley ('A' Team) 10th from the left.
Ken Fell ('A' Team Captain) 11th from the left.
Colin Fell ('C' Team) 13th from the left.
Eileen Fell (14th from the left).


 Marc Lockley














Young Whipper Snapper (1986)!

'A' team player Marc Lockley becomes the first person to win 3 trophies in any one year taking the Billiards (vs Ken Fell),  E R Coles 3 frame scratch knockout (vs Peter Groocock) and the Singles Handicap (vs Paul Tupper). Paul Adams, Peter Groocock and Matt Hammond have now equalled this feat but the 4th in the same year has eluded them all!

Marc Lockley

John Bevis - 'A' Team (2nd left)
Marc Lockley 'A' Team (4th left)
Eilen Fell (5th left)
Ken Fell 'A' Team Captain (6th left) 










Previous Clubs - John Graham (Harting)

Petersfield Bowling Club 'B' team player John Graham has been playing in the league 54 years up to 2014 and previously played for Harting for many years prior to his transfer. Here we see an old Petersfield Post snap of him in his old team. There are many familiar faces in the photograph and sadly also from the now disbanded Easeborne Club.


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