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Petersfield Bowls News

01/09/2013 - Holbrook Cup
08/09/2013 - Presidents Day
15/09/2013 - Finals Weekend
07/09/2014 - Petersfield Cup
12/07/2015 - Centenary Cup
01/08/2015 - Midhurst Cup
12/09/2015 - Mens Pairs Cup
13/09/2015 - Mixed Pairs Cup
13/09/2015 - Percy Moses Cup
15/05/2016 - Squeak Wright Cup
15/05/2016 - Squeak Wright Plate
22/05/2016 - Graham Long Pairs Cup Winners
22/05/2016 - Graham Long Pairs Cup Runners Up
04/09/2016 - The Petersfield Cup
09/09/2017 - Finals Weekend
02/09/2018 - Holbrook Cup
2018 - Ladies Pairs
2018 - Ladies Singles
2018 - Men's Singles
2018 - Men's Pairs


01/09/2013 - Holbrook Cup

Petersfield Bowls Team wins the Holbrook Cup by 12 shots over Billingshurst

Holbrook Cup winners

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08/09/2013 - Presidents Day (Malcolm Paton)

You could say the day went down a storm with the competitor's playing between heavy showers and even hailstones at one point.

Never the less, the day was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Winners of the target bowls pairs competition were Robert Hutchinson and Michelle Spandley. There was a 'tie breaker' between them and David Spandley and Sharon Goodbody because both pairs finished with the same top scores. 

After tea there was a 'round robin' 3 reds competition which was won by Dan Hammond with Martin Clifford as runner-up.

See Pics Below:

presidents day 1

  presidents day 2

presidents day 4

presidents day 3

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15/09/2013 - Bowls Finals Weekend

Normally the bowls finals enjoy very warm and sunny weather but that was not to be this year.

The weather was kind enough to hold for most of the day but the 'Mixed Pairs Final' was played during strong wind and rain.

Luckily all matches were successfully completed and the results were as follows:

Ladies Singles Final

Winner - Margaret Hutchinson
Runner Up - Margaret Stothard

Ladies Pairs Final

Winners - Doreen Oliver & Margaret Stothard
Runners Up - Jeannie Toone & Margaret Hutchinson

Mens singles Final

Winner - Robert Hutchinson
Runner Up Paul Beverley

Mens pairs Final

Winners Steve Dearlove & Malcolm Paton
Runners Up - Eric Davis & Robert Hutchinson

Percy Moses Pairs Final

Winners - Pat Burrage & Robert Hutchinson
Runners Up - Richard Purchase & Brian Peake

Mixed pairs Final

Winners - Margaret Stothard & Paul Beverley
Runners Up - Jeannie Toone & Robert Hutchinson



02/09/2014 - Petersfield win the Petersfield Cup!

For the first time since 1986 Petersfield Bowls and Snooker Club have carried off the Petersfield Cup.

The local side have hosted the competition for the last 28 years and won the cup in its first year. Although they have come close a few times since, they finally managed to carry the trophy with a strong performance to complete a comfortable win over Graffam on Sunday.

The winning team were: Dave Winser, Jean Clasby, Robert Hutchinson and David Spandley (fours); Margaret Hutchinson, Paul Beverley and Ken Burrage (triples); and Shirley and Malcolm Paton (pairs).

Petersfield Cup
















12/07/2015 - Centenary Cup
Shirley Paton - Steve Dearlove - Phil Harris

2015 Centenary Cup 



01/08/2015 - Petersfield win the Midhurst Cup!

Midhurst Cup
















12/09/2015 - Mens Pairs Competition

Winners - Robert Hutchinson & Roy Davies

Runners Up - David Spandley & Steve Dearlove


2015 Mens Pairs Cup



13/09/2015 - Mixed Pairs Competition 

Winners - Malcolm Paton & Jeannie Toone

Runners Up - Steve Dearlove & Margaret Stothard

2015 Mixed Pairs 



13/09/2015 - Percy Moses Competition

Winners - Robert Hutchinson & Eric Davis

Runners Up - Brian Lawrence & Pat Burrage

2015 Percy Moses 



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15/05/2016 - Squeak Wright Cup

Winner - Malcolm Paton

Runner Up - Pat Burrage

2016 Squeak Wright 



15/05/2016 - Squeak Wright Plate

Winners - Robert Hutchinson

Runners Up - Shirley Paton

2016 Squeak Wright Plate 



Graham Long - Drawn Pairs Cup

Winners - Steve Dearlove and Sam Twiddy

Graham Long Winners 2016 




Graham Long - Drawn Pairs Cup

Runners Up - Alan Twiddy and Roy Davies

graham long winners



The Petersfield Cup - 2016

Winners - Petersfield Bowling Club

On Sunday 4th September 2016 Petersfield Bowls and Snooker Club beat Odiham Bowls club in the final of the annually PB&SC sponsored Petersfield Cup.   Well done for winning a well fought and very close match.

The winning team (from left to right) Malcolm Paton, Shirley Paton, Ken Burrage, Margaret Stothard, Brian Clasby, John Salmon (PB&SC President), Dave Spandley, Margaret Hutchinson (Captain), Robert Hutchinson and Ann Peddar.


Runners Up - Odiham Bowling Club

 Members of the Odiham Bowls Club team, Petersfield Club Cup 2016 Runners-up



Margaret Hutchinson proudly receiving the winners trophy from Petersfield Bowling Club President John Salmon


Finals Weekend - 9th and 10th September 2017





Holbrook Cup 2018

Holbrook Cup 2018



Ladies Pairs 2018

Ann Peddar & Sarah Hooper



Ladies Singles 2018
Shirley Paton

Shirley Paton



Men's Singles 2018
Alan Twiddy

Alan Twiddy



Men's Pairs 2018
Robert Hutchinson & Richard Purchase

Robert Hutchinson and Richard Purchase



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