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Petersfield Bowling and Snooker Club

Percy Moses Bowls Trophy


2005 to
Winner Winner 1995
Winner Winner
2018 R Hutchinson B Clasby      
2017 M Paton R Purchase      
2016 P Burrage M Paton      
2015 R Hutchinson E Davis      
2014 R Hutchinson B Pedder 2004 J Currell B Peake
2013 R Hutchinson P Burrage 2003 A Pedder J Currell
2012 R Hutchinson R Palser 2002 J Randell P Heraud 
2011 K Burrage A Pedder 2001 S Mells R Gard
2010 G Robinson B Pedder 2000 C Pannell A Weninger
2009 G Robinson M Pope 1999 S Gard D Oliver
2008 C Pannell T Jenkins 1998 C Ball T Clarke
2007 J Currell G Robinson 1997 N Gray B Peake
2006 S Mells C Pannell 1996 J Shefferd A Dawson
2005 A Pedder J Randell 1995 A Foulkes A Leech